Inbound Tour

Create new adventures! Find new cultures and experience unforgettable opportunities with us

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Tour & Travel

We provide unprecedented tour such as abroad volunteer activities, student international exchange,  

Corporate training, fairtrade experience tour. our services on a project by project basis. 


Overseas Tourism/ DM

We do representative of overseas tourism/ DMO.  We supporting marketing, PR for special related events in the areas of representation. 


Hotel Rep & Marketing

Honey J offers a Sales & Marketing plan.

To dramatically improve revenue, market share, international brand recognition, brand loyalty and brand integrity for our travel company and travel-related companies through our strong network providing local sales, marketing, and public relations services


Artists tour & Management

This program is to refine and reveal artists’ talent in foreign countries. We are also planning to hold events such as private exhibitions in Japan. Its aim is not only to advance overseas but also to offer a great dream and time that you have never experienced.


Cabin crew train experience 

Honey J team up with Asian airline companies to offer special training which is usually held before flight attendants get on airplanes. The program is planned and developed by staff familiar with the industry. The whole training is covered in English and lectured by an active Cabin Crew. It is a good opportunity to improve English skills and learn about the airline industry.


 Business Management

There are many companies that aim for their customers in emerging countries. We call them “Challenging enterprises”. We make use of our firm relationship between Vietnam, Philippine, Thai, and Indonesia to support you. We also help to establish trust with your partners and marketing-research on behalf of you.